History of Good News Church of God in Christ


The keys opened the door to a small white church on Kings Run Drive in Winton Terrance. A tall young man walked in, and called the place home. The man was, PASTOR JAMES H. QUICK, SR. God divinely inspired him to further his ministry by pastoring. The small edifice was so different from what Pastor Quick was accustomed to at James Temple Church of God in Christ. He must have said, "Lord, will they come?" Yes, they came on December 28, 1972—all 35 of them. Those 35 members studied in one large room and many of them sang in the choir. During devotion, their feet could be heard patting on the hardwood floor as they rocked in steel folding chairs. Love was there!!! Out of that love, came a unity and oneness in Spirit with God, as they followed God’s plan for the ministry.

Out of that unity grew the SUNDAY SCHOOL, which became the first official auxiliary under the leadership of the Late Deacon Lonnie Sullivan. Shortly thereafter, Deacon Andrew Quick became so enchanted by God's grace in multiplying the church that anyone who visited knew how happy and excited he was as he serenaded visitors to the little white church. Most of them stayed and fell in love. From 1973 through 1980s, came the following auxiliaries: YPWW, USHER BOARD, NURSES GUILD, NURSERY, HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE, PRAYER CELL, EXECUTIVE BOARD, ORDINANCE COMMITTEE (aka MOTHER'S BOARD), YOUTH ORDINANCE COMMITTEE, WORSHIP COMMITTEE, PASTOR'S AIDE (aka COURTESY CLUB), GOOD SAMARITANS and BIBLE STUDY, SANCTUARY CHOIR, ANGELIC CHOIR, YOUTH CHOIR and HOME AND FOREIGN MISSION, DEACONS' BOARD, TAPE MINISTRY, CRUSADERS FOR CHRIST, EVANGELISTIC TEAM, HOSPITAL MINISTRY, HYMNAL CHOIR, INTERCESSORY PRAYER, MALE CHORUS, NEWSLETTER, SINGLES’ MINISTRY, TAPE/VIDEO MINISTRY, and the YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN COUNCIL.

In 1979, the FULLNESS OF POWER BROADCAST was established.   The broadcast was heard locally every Sunday night for years. However, the radio station rearranged its format making it difficult for Good News to continue broadcasting. September 24, 1979, was a special day. WE MOVED!!   Good News left its little white Church home on Kings Run Drive and marched to its present location—1063 West North Bend Road. We believe the Saints who experienced Kings Run often take the long way around just to wave hello to "OLD GOOD NEWS.”

In the early 1990’s because of spiritual and physical growth the ministry of the Good News Church, expanded its walls and the Lord blessed the church to build an education wing with new classrooms, offices, a conference room, and bathrooms. As a result of more spiritual and physical growth, in June of 2010 a brand new sanctuary was constructed and dedicated on the campus with a more than 450 seating capacity. In addition, the old sanctuary was remodeled into a beautiful fellowship hall.

The power of God was always at work in Pastor Quick's ministry. Many have come to Jesus by way of water baptism and the baptism in the Holy Ghost. Prayers have been answered, people have been healed, families have been reunited, and others have united through marriage. Our Founder, Pastor James H. Quick, Sr., transitioned from earth to glory on December 12, 2011. We who remain will continue to “WIN THE LOST AT ALL COST” just as he taught us.

Bishop Edward T. Cook, Jurisdictional Prelate, Ohio North First Jurisdiction, appointed Elder Samuel Canty as Pastor of Good News on Thursday, June 17, 2013.

Under Pastor Canty’s leadership the ministry continues to grow and focus on developing disciples for the Kingdom. In addition to maintaining 20 ministries, a food pantry was launched, leadership development institute established, and the Church’s assets increased. A church library has been established. 2016 saw the launch of the Good News Summer Enrichment Program that included the creation of a computer room. The volunteer teachers focused on reading and math development for the 35 students that participated. As a member-church of the Church of God in Christ, Good News was an instrumental ministry in working with the 2016 International Auxiliaries In Ministry (AIM) Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Outreach is a very important component to the Kingdom assignment of the ministry. We are a beacon in the College Hill Community partnering with several organizations including: Christ Community in College Hill, Angel Tree, Whole Again, Pleasant Hill Academy, Life Forward, Transformational Jail Ministries, Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati, Matthew 25 Ministries, Lighthouse, and several nursing homes.

We Are A Ministry Fitly Joined Together To Win The Lost At All Cost.