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Pastor Canty’s Blog

We always want something from God, but God is saying almost with his hands folded, what are you going to do for me, or what have you done for me lately? Always want, want and want, but won’t do anything for God. Want even put a quarter in church, but you want God to help you. Won’t pray, but will ask someone else to pray for you, won’t read and mediate on the word, but you want God to help you.


What is Church? The word CHURCH is not a literal or physical building as such, but it is a spiritual building made up of those who have been QUICKENED, MADE ALIVE in Christ (Eph. 2:5). The word "CHURCH" translated in the Greek is the word ecclesia, which is synonymous with the Hebrew word kahal of the Old Testament. Both words meaning simply an assembly as it is used in the New Testament always means "AN ASSEMBLY, A COMPANY OF PEOPLE GATHERED TOGETHER FOR A CERTAIN PURPOSE." Therefore when we read the New Testament we are not surprised to find the word "CHURCH" used with words that mean "gather together, come together, and assemble together."


We live in a world today, where most people are never satisfied with what they have. It’s not just children, but it is grown folk that have temper tantrums and have fits and pout. They get upset and stop speaking to people. They get upset and don’t come to church because – things didn’t go their way. They stop giving their money in church because someone hurt their feeling. Let say this, in this life – just keep living, you will, not maybe, but it is a fact, that at some point in time you will get your feeling hurt baby. But keep it moving. Don’t linger too long in that place and miss your destiny, your path to take – your purpose, taking ten years to lick your wounds because your feelings got hurt. Listen, don’t you take 38 years to get in the pool to get heal.



  1.  If the Pastor does not have adequate time to be in the Word, or if he chooses not to do so.
  2. If the members are spending time arguing about how money should be spent.
  3. If none or only a few key leaders within the ministry are actively sharing their faith.
  4. If there is no clear process of discipleship in place or just a pleather of programs or activities.
  5. If corporate prayer is not a major emphasis in the church.
  6. If church members are arguing about worship style or worship times.
  7. If church members expect the paid staff, to do most of the ministry instead of the staff equipping the members to do the work of the ministry.
  8. If there are ongoing disagreements about matters of church facilities.
  9. If the church has more meetings than praying or disciplining meetings.
  10. If the leadership of the church does not have a coherent plan for the ministry.


Don’t become like Pharaoh when God speaks to you, you refuse to move or change. You are convicted and convinced to do what God says, but you don’t move. You turn him a deaf ear. When you chose to do this over and over again your heart becomes harden like a stone. In other words you are building up a tolerance wall against Almighty God that will eventually tear you down. You have the attitude no matter what God says, I’m not going to do it, I not listening to Him.

It’s just like a disobedient child, that stands there listening to you, living in your home, eating your food, wearing your clothes and with a straight look – and not sayings anything but with their actions, refuse to do what you said. And when they go down the wrong road, they cry out for help. I already told you – come home on time – stop hanging with that crowd. You hear the warning and you decide to do your own thing.

Then you have the nerve to want God to save you. I tried in the beginning, but you harden your heart to my words and it is too late.

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